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In helping all of you on your path to Personal Profitability, one of the four main pillars of the process is earning more on the side. In the pursuit of transparency and openness with all of you, I publicly post my side business income each month on this site.

I started publicly tracking my online income in February 2012 and began tracking my expenses in July 2012. I had tracked annual income and expenses privately for tax reasons prior to this date, but don’t have good records to share. Below you will find 7 years of financial results. If you click on the date, you will be brought to the post with a more detailed breakdown of exactly how I earned and what expenses I paid.

From the start of this blog in 2008 until I began these income updates in 2012, I tracked my net worth in a monthly update. I merged all of those into one article here so you can view my net worth reports from 2008 to 2011 in one place.

Narrow Bridge Media Online Income Tracker

2018 – Revenue $160,377

MonthRevenueExpenseNet IncomeIncome Report Link
January$14,472$2,533$11,939January 2018 Income Report
February $10,076 $1,726 $8,350February 2018 Income Report
March $14,246 $1,245 $13,001March 2018 Income Report
April $10,648 $2,027 $8,621April 2018 Income Report
May$14,149$1,194$12,995May 2018 Income Report
June$10,030$2,276$7,754June 2018 Income Report
July$11,048$2,723$8,325July 2018 Income Report
August$13,241$3,312$9,929August 2018 Income Report
September$18,128$1,311$16,817September 2018 Income Report
October$17,532$4,356$13,176October 2018 Income Report
November$16,723$657$16,066November 2018 Income Report
December$9,459$3,714$5,745December 2018 Income Report

2017 – Revenue $131,908

MonthRevenueExpenseNet IncomeIncome Report Link
January$11,142$1,811$9,331January 2017 Income Report
February$10,989$983$10,006February 2017 Income Report
March$12,799$925$11,874March 2017 Income Report
April$10,779$2,130$8,649April 2017 Income Report
May$9,800$1,666$8,134May 2017 Income Report
June$12,737$1,126$11,611June 2017 Income Report
July$10,105$800$9,305July 2017 Income Report
August$10,201$1,945$8,256August 2017 Income Report
September$12,331$1,604$10,727September 2017 Income Report
October$11,536$1,965$9,571October 2017 Income Report
November$10,405$2,363$8,042November 2017 Income Report
December$9,084$1,424$7,660December 2017 Income Report

2016 – Revenue $94,165

MonthRevenueExpenseNet IncomeIncome Report Link
January$2,861$773$2,088January 2016 Income Report
February$4,692$1,167$3,525February 2016 Income Report
March$2,903$1,074$1,829March 2016 Income Report
April$6,431$14,605($8,174)April 2016 Income Report
May*$8,317$843$7,474May 2016 Income Report*
June$6,026$832$5,194June 2016 Income Report
July$5,392$2,026$3,366July 2016 Income Report
August$7,169$706$6,463August 2016 Income Report
September$7,493$2,432$5,061September 2016 Income Report
October$14,062$554$13,508October 2016 Income Report
November$16,131$1,877$14,254November 2016 Income Report
December$12,688$1,732$10,956December 2016 Income Report

*First Month Full-Time!

2015 – Revenue $40,721

MonthRevenueExpenseNet IncomeIncome Report Link
January$2,803$294$2,509January 2015 Income Report
February$1,504$192$1,312February 2015 Income Report
March$4,806$2,369$2,437March 2015 Income Report
April$3,395$336$3,059April 2015 Income Report
May$968$489$479May 2015 Income Report
June$3,897$398$3,499June 2015 Income Report
July$2,975$354$2,621July 2015 Income Report
August$1,406$320$1,086August 2015 Income Report
September$4,818$960$3,858September 2015 Income Report
October$4,055$350$3,705October 2015 Income Report
November$4,975$500$4,475November 2015 Income Report
December$5,119$1,819$3,300December 2015 Income Report

2014 – Revenue $25,976

MonthRevenueExpenseNet IncomeIncome Report Link
January$568$150$418January 2014 Income Report
February$1,139$650$489February 2014 Income Report
March$1,863$565$1,298March 2014 Income Report
April$1,168$565$603April 2014 Income Report
May$3,127$287$2,840May 2014 Income Report
June$597$159$438June 2014 Income Report
July$2,664$364$2,300July 2014 Income Report
August$2,974$612$2,362August 2014 Income Report
September$2,556$1,172$1,384September 2014 Income Report
October$3,011$1,149$1,862October 2014 Income Report
November$2,430$475$1,955November 2014 Income Report
December$3,879$1,168$2,711December 2014 Income Report

2013 – Revenue $14,062

MonthRevenueExpenseNet IncomeIncome Report Link
January$619$350$269January 2013 Income Report
February$1,224$170$1,054February 2013 Income Report
March$528$60$468March 2013 Income Report
April$947$174$773April 2013 Income Report
May$1,496$89$1,407May 2013 Income Report
June$578$99$479June 2013 Income Report
July$925$49$876July 2013 Income Report
August$1,229$109$1,120August 2013 Income Report
September$2,112$79$2,033September 2013 Income Report
October$1,034$287$747October 2013 Income Report
November$2,628$155$2,473November 2013 Income Report
December$742$100$642December 2013 Income Report

2012 – Revenue $9,740

MonthRevenueExpenseNet IncomeIncome Report Link
January$739Not tracked$739January 2012 Income Report
February$1,048Not tracked$1,048February 2012 Income Report
March$437Not tracked$437March 2012 Income Report
April$327Not tracked$327April 2012 Income Report
May$687Not tracked$687May 2012 Income Report
June$1,151$8$1,143June 2012 Income Report
July$619$0$610July 2012 Income Report
August$813$0$813August 2012 Income Report
September$2,354$32$2,322September 2012 Income Report
October$544$25$519October 2012 Income Report
November$577$50$527November 2012 Income Report
December$444$0$444December 2012 Income Report

2008-2011 Updates

You can also view my monthly net worth update history here, which goes back to the founding of this website in 2008! This lengthy article covers over 36 months of net worth updates and the beginnings of online earning through side hustles.

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