April 2012 Net Worth and Earnings Update

March was an exciting month in the world of my finances. It marked the conclusion of my journey to become student loan free. It included my bonus at work, which made the debt payment possible, and it ended with a 6.5% increase in my net worth.

Student Loan Update

Last month I gave an update on my $700 per month student loan strategy. It worked well, but when I had my bonus from work drop into my bank account, I knew it was time to kill the loan once and for all.

Two years and six days after graduating from the University of Denver with an MBA, I paid off the full balance of my $67,000 in tuition, not to mention the thousands of dollars in books and other expenses. It is gone. Done. Paid forever. I am student debt free.

Side Business Income

Narrow Bridge Media – All Blogs and Online Activities

  • Private Ad Placements – $329
  • AdSense – $18
  • Affiliate Income – $90

I had some expenses here too. I bought business checks for QuickBooks for $27. The private ad landscape has changed a bit as well, and I suspect affiliate income is going to be a more important part of my online income and private ads will decrease. I also had my first affiliate revenue from Flexoffers, and I am excited to work with them and see how it goes.

Denver Flash Mob

  • Revenue – $300 for a special event
  • Expenses – $244 for new speaker, $30 for choreography
  • Net Income – $26

DJ Yofi

No revenue this month.

Net Worth

Lots of big changes in my net worth this month. I am proud to see the student loan line at $0. Watch out mortgage, I’m coming for you next!

April 2012 Net Worth Detail

6 thoughts on “April 2012 Net Worth and Earnings Update”

    1. Thanks Sam, it feels great to know that I will never pay that again. I already have the money automatically going into my Roth, mortgage, or savings instead.

  1. Nice work on paying off the student loans.  

    The private ads are nice for some fixed income, but affiliate income or better yet your own product is the way to go for worthwhile revenue.

    1. I agree JP. I wrote an ebook, but the sales have not been great. The affiliate income is surely going to be a growing part of my income stream in the future.

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