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Welcome to The Personal Finance Arsenal Version 2.0. This new and updated book is designed to help you take control of your finances. It contains a list of free tools and setup instructions to streamline your financial system.

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No more fees.  No more overdrafts.  No more headaches.

Learn to automate and streamline your finances with a quick read on top financial tools.

Let me tell you a few stories.

The overdrafting single mom

While working as a banker, I once had a woman come in crying. She was devastated. She had overdrawn her account and was hit with ten overdraft fees. Not only was she broke, but she dug herself into a hole with $300 in fees just because she was not paying attention to her account.

The friend with high credit card balances

A close friend told me she missed several credit card payments in the last two years. Sure, $30 a hit might not seem like a whole lot, but that raised her interest rate 10%. Suddenly she paid $90 in cash plus 10% per year on her balance. That was money she could have spent on things that she enjoyed.

The repeat overdrafter

A girl I knew in college bounced rent checks about every three months. Her landlord charged her $25 per check, and her bank charged her $20 per check. There was no reason for her to waste $180. She had the money, she just screwed up.

Their Mistakes Are Your Gains

I took what I learned from my bank customers and friends and found ways for you to save money. This resource, which can save you thousands of dollars in fees, comes to you from the writer behind Personal Profitability.  In this book, you will learn wonderful tools and tricks you can easily implement.

Do you have trouble monitoring and managing your many bank accounts? Do you wish you could check everything easily in one place? You can learn how here.

Do you wonder about your financial health? Do you wish you had an easy way to ensure you had enough money to pay the bill every month? I share with you a great strategy to find your financial health with my Personal Financial Statements.

Are you ready to make your financial life easier?

In the ten chapters of the Personal Finance Arsenal, you can become an expert in everything from account management and automation to credit score management. If you are considering buying a new home or car, you can find vital information on how banks look at your credit report and credit score.

How do I know? I used to work in a bank! I share secrets that the bankers don’t want you to know.

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Section 1: Web Tools

Section contents:

Section 2: Personal Financial Statements

Section contents:

  • Keep Things in One Place to Save Time
  • Your Net Worth – Know where to focus to save money and build wealth
  • Your Credit Report – How To Get it And What You Need to Know
  • Your Credit Score – How To Get it (For Free) and What It Does
  • Automate Your Bills So You Don’t Screw Up
  •  How To Track Everything Without Forgetting the Milk
  • How to create your own spreadsheet showing your assets and liabilities?
  • How to find out how much money you really make after expenses?
  • How to find out where your money is going?
  • How much are your finances really worth?

Learn how to automate, save time, save money, and understand your finances.

Everyone has a story where they messed up. Have you felt a sense of panic or regret from missing a payment or paying a fee? That feeling where you feel flushed, confused, embarrassed, and upset about your situation. It is horrible. Don’t feel that way ever again!

DO NOT BE A VICTIM OF IGNORANCE. You can find everything you need to know to clean up, streamline, and automate your finances. Make it easy so you never screw up or waste time again.

The Personal Finance Arsenal is packed with personal finance expertise.  I worked in banking, corporate finance, and have two finance degrees.  My goal, as you know if you are familiar with Personal Profitability, is to make life easy for you.

Are you ready to make your financial life easier?

Try The Personal Finance Arsenal today. And if you are not happy, just let me know within a week, and I will give you every dollar back. You have nothing to lose! Use PayPal or any major credit card on our secure purchase site for $2.99.


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“I really enjoyed reading Eric’s book. He did an excellent job of explaining how to manage your finances in laymen’s terms. He offers a lot of helpful tips on monitoring all of your finances in just a few places, which helps decrease the amount of time spent on this task. The various resources he discusses provide an at-a-glance view of all your money, where it is going, and how to devise a good plan for saving money, earning interest, etc.”


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