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TV Interviews

CBC – California fires: Family returns home (12/10/2017)
CNN – California Wildfires (12/8/2017) CNN – California Fires: Two People Burned in New Blaze (12/8/2017)
CNN – Ventura Fire: Southern California fires growing quickly, forcing thousands to evacuate (12/5/2017)
Fox 31 Denver – Dow Jones Industrial Average Breaks Past 10,000 (10/9/2009)

PackTV – The Startup Journey – From Idea to Reality (3/7/2024)
How You Money – Personal Profitability with Eric Rosenberg (3/18/2020)
Talking Business with cbsi’s Ken Kraetzer – Eric Rosenberg, Credit Card, Travel Writer Highlights #Cardcon19 in DC Talking Business #422 (9/18/2019)
Talking Business with cbsi’s Ken Kraetzer – Eric Rosenberg, Financial Trade Writer, Talking Business (7/15/2019)
Blog Marketing Tips with Murray Newlands
Experian – Eric Rosenberg At FinCon13
FinCon 2017 Recap

Live Radio

WAXE (South Florida) – Yak About Today with David Yakir – 137 Yak About Today with Eric Rosenberg and the art of turning a SIDE HUSTLE in your Everyday Job (8/6/2018)
KVTA (Ventura, California) – Big Money in the 805 (2/25/2018)
KISS-FM (Nationwide) – It Was The Craziest 72 Hours For This Thomas Fire Survivor (12/2018)

Podcast Interviews

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