June 2012 Earnings and Net Worth Update

This month, my new cash flow strategy was fully working for the first time. I saw more money going into my Roth IRA than ever before and bumped up my mortgage payment as well. Here is how the cookie crumbled for the month.

Investing, Saving, and Debt

I added $384 to my Roth IRA using a direct deposit, so I never even had an opportunity to spend the money. I am a huge fan of automated investing. It ensures you don’t waste money that you should be paying into your future.

I also increased my mortgage payment to $1,000 from the $800 I put in last month. I still have an $800 recurring payment setup, but I can always bump it up to pay down the mortgage faster. Paying $381 extra on my mortgage last month saved me over $900 in interest over the life of the loan. As of now, I have pre-paid $562 for a net interest savings of $1,389.

Side Business Income

Narrow Bridge Media – All Blogs and Online Activities

  • Private Ad Placements – $461
  • AdSense – $10
  • Affiliate Payments – $216

It looks like affiliate income is going to be a major part of my future online income. I often support products I use myself publicly. If people sign up through me, I make a few bucks. Private ad placements look to be declining in the future. This month, I received a payout from two different affiliate networks.

Denver Flash Mob

  • Revenue – $0
  • Expenses – $250
  • Net Income – $-250

I have one outstanding past due invoice and three events in planning. I have changed the strategy of Denver Flash Mob from large, public events to Flash Mob Consulting. This puts the entire planning and execution of the event on me, but removes the burden of recruiting all of the dancers. I will test the waters and see how this goes moving forward.

DJ Yofi

No revenue or expenses this month. I did have an inquiry for an upcoming wedding.

Net Worth

June 2012 Net Worth

The remainder of the cost of my New Orleans trip and the entire cost of my Omaha trip came through this month. If you take out investment losses in my retirement account, I was flat this month. With the stock market’s recent dip, I am down $1,300 this month, or 1.15%. Not horrible, but certainly not a great month for my net worth.

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  1. You might want to think of doing a video of certain products as I have heard it gets nice affiliate money. If you are comfortable with video that is. I will try it with a product sometime this month. 

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