May 2012 Net Worth and Earnings Update

April was a transition month for me. Now that my student loans are paid, I am transitioning the money into new savings and investments.

New Cash Flow Strategy

I opened up about $700 per month in cash when I paid off my student loan. Now, that money is going to better uses. I increased my monthly mortgage payment by $200 per month, re-directed my direct deposit to max out my Roth IRA every year, and put the rest of the extra into my non-retirement investment account.

Side Business Income

Narrow Bridge Media – All Blogs and Online Activities

  • Private Ad Placements – $280
  • AdSense – $47
  • Affiliate Payments – $0

It looks like affiliate income is going to be a major part of my future online income. I often support products I use myself publicly. If people sign up through me, I make a few bucks. Private ad placements look to be declining in the future.

Denver Flash Mob

  • Revenue – $170
  • Expenses – $28
  • Net Income – $142

I collected an old account receivable balance in April, and I bought business checks for $28. I have a large expense pending in March and have a few sponsored events in the works. I have yet to pay myself a penny from Denver Flash Mob beyond reimbursed expenses.

DJ Yofi

No revenue this month.

Net Worth

may net worth detail

I took a big vacation to New Orleans in April, and that meant a lot of credit card expenses. Other than that, I put the paycheck to good use to pay down my mortgage more than ever before and boost my retirement account. I also received my tax refund and had a big expense paying for my annual car insurance. Overall, I call it a good month.

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    1. The bank I worked in taught me about being extremely conservative with real estate. I put down 25% and negotiated the hell out of the price.

    1. Pay the mortgage, save the cash, buy a new home with the cash, move into new home, make cash from renting prior home, repeat

  1. Jeff @ Sustainable LIfe Blog

    looks like everything is going well eric – soon I can blog about paying MY Mortgage!

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