February 2013 Net Worth and Earnings Update

A lot happened with my money over the last month. I closed a refinance on my mortgage, I used lots of airline miles, and I bought new individual stocks for the first time in about a year. Here’s how the cookie crumbles.

Banking, Debt, and Investments

This month, I had to move a bit of money around. On January 10, I closed a refinance of my mortgage. I had about 29 years left on my mortgage at 4.25%. I lowered the time to a 15 year fixed and lowered my rate to 2.875%. Over the life of the mortgage, I will save about $50,000 in interest assuming minimum payments. Of course, I don’t only make minimum payments. I plan to pay it off early.

I continued depositing $25 automatically each month into Lending Club account. My net annual returns at Lending Club are 10.76%. I currently have 28 active loans and 1 in funding. I love Lending Club as an alternate investment vehicle.

Liberty Fund Update

I have a $30,000 savings goal for my liberty fund. Saving up $30,000 is not easy, but it is a goal that I know I can attain as long as I keep focused. This month, I was able to keep adding despite my mortgage refinance costs. The current balance is $19,129. The bulk of my liberty fund is in a high interest savings account. I suggest Ally Bank for this type of savings. This is an increase from my$5,000 emergency fund goal.

I am planning on installing hardwood floors in three rooms in my condo, and may need to take about $3,000 out of the liberty fund to pay for it in the next couple of months.

Side Business Income

Narrow Bridge Media – All Blogs and Online Activities


  • Private Ad Placements and Freelance Work – $255
  • AdSense – $31
  • Affiliate Payments – $333


  • Freelance Writers – $0
  • Web Expenses – $350

Decent month, but not spectacular. The big expense was for a new website theme framework I am trying out.

Denver Flash Mob

  • Revenue – $150
  • Expenses – $0

The completely rebuilt the Denver Flash Mob website is sending me more business leads, but I don’t always have the ability to meet the requests. I have a mob in the works for April.

DJ Yofi

  • Revenue – $0

I did one show on New Years Eve for Denver Underground Parties (see below).

Denver Underground Parties

I started a new project with two friends called Denver Underground Parties. We had our first successful event on New Year’s Eve, and it was a profitable party. We have not paid ourselves from the earnings yet, so I will hold off on sharing the profits.

Net Worth

February 2013 Net Worth Detail

In total, my net worth was up $4,200, or 2.69%. I update my condo value from Zillow and update my car value based on Kelley Blue Book annually in January. I pay off my credit cards in full each payday.

7 thoughts on “February 2013 Net Worth and Earnings Update”

  1. Great update and nice work on the refinance. I think the flash mobs are really cool too 🙂 I look forward to seeing how well your new project gets off the ground. I love making my rounds and checking in on all the updates. It’s so awesome seeing really cool people doing well!

    1. Thanks! Online businesses are doing well for me. I am trying to move away from direct ads and more toward affiliates, but it is a slow transition.

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