Happy Birthday to Me – The Best Birthday Party on a Budget

Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday Dear Me. Happy Birthday to Me!

Okay, you get the point. Today is my birthday. The big two eight. I am getting near the end of being a twenty-something blogger. But I don’t look at age as a bad thing, it is another year of fun and life experience on my journey.

For the third year in a row, I decided it was incredibly important for a huge number of friends to get together and celebrate how awesome I am. Over the last few years, I have learned a few things about having the best, low-cost birthday parties that anyone can afford to join.

Pick Something Fun

First and foremost, do something fun. No one wants to come to a boring birthday. Over the last three years, my activities have included a flash mob, dancing at the #1 nightclub in North America, visiting the most famous Mexican restaurant in the world, a competitive team bar crawl, and a photo scavenger hunt.

Everything in that list is fun, inclusive, and easy to participate in. They are unique and fun ideas that people can get excited about and enjoy. Some of them have a little competition, some are collaborative, all of them give you great memories.

Keep It Budget Friendly

If you look through that list, the most expensive activity in that list was a $15 dollar dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I always choose a party idea that will be inclusive of any budget.

Sure, some people want to go get a fancy steak or visit an exclusive restaurant on their birthday, but that is expensive and excludes your friends. I don’t need gifts. I would rather have more people together to enjoy the night than exclude people because of money.

Find the Right Formula

I have tried to go over the top before and turn my birthday into a day-long festivity with brewery tours, restaurants, activities, and dancing. That was too much. I had to learn the right blend of activities to engage the most people so they could have fun, and I could have fun, on the big day.

This year, I am going with dinner, a photo/video scavenger hunt, and dancing at bar all within a few blocks downtown. This allows the most people to come and enjoy. For me, including everyone who wants to attend and giving them a fun night to remember is the best birthday I could ask for.

What Is Your Best Birthday Party Advice?

Please share your best birthday tips in the comments. A good comment is the best present you can give me. Oh yeah, and joining the newsletter.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Eric! I am lovin’ those Smurfs. I love going out to eat. I splurge on the food. If you are having a party though and want to save money, you can always use an online party budget estimator. I recently wrote about it. Always be a money saving enthusiast.;) Enjoy your day. Drinks lots of beer.;0)

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