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Secrets of Smart Savers Revealed

We are all the same when it comes to saving money. Nobody is born with better skills than someone else. Nobody is a natural at personal finance. Sure, some folks are cheap by nature, while others want to indulge in everything. I get that. That’s not a valid excuse though.

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5 Best Mobile Apps to Save You Money

For most of us, our smart phones are only a money drain. We pay at least $40 per month, on a family plan, or up to hundreds per month for unlimited plans, to get our calls and internet wherever we are. We can use those phones, though, to save us money. Here are my favorite free money saving apps.

Understanding “Need” vs “Want”

Have you ever heard someone say how much they “need” something that is a complete waste of money? They need their gym membership, they need their SUV, they need their daily latte. We all know that it is a want, but it is an important psychological issue to understand.

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