How Should a High School Student Learn About Money?

How Should a High School Student Learn About Money?

Many parents shield their children from their personal finances, which can make sense for many families. However, kids will become adults sometime and will have to learn about money sometime. As schools teach almost nothing about personal finance, those lessons should come from parents. But should high school students start managing their own money?

What to do when you've been victim of a data breach-

What to Do When You’ve Been Victim of a Data Breach

Over the last few years, we have seen an unprecedented increase in leaks of credit and debit card numbers from large breaches, or hacks, where bad guys break into stores and steal information. I was a victim of one major data breach, along with millions of others. Here is what to do if your information … Read more

credit score wheel with bak of a red cartoon credit card.

Your Credit Score Is More Important Than You Think

I am completely debt free. I own my car, my house, and I have absolutely no student loans. I never plan to borrow another dime in my life, but I still worry about my credit score. Initially, this might seem like an odd statement, but your credit score is more important than you might think. … Read more

3 Great Reasons to Use Credit Cards-

3 Great Reasons to Use Credit Cards

Mention the term credit card and depending on who you’re around, you could get quite the range of responses. You have one side that’ll be on the extreme of churning credit cards all the time to earn rewards to those on the other side who swear them off with the belief that they’re a blight … Read more

Credit Scores Complete Beginner Guide-

Credit Scores: The Complete Beginner Guide

Your credit score is one of the most important numbers you will ever have in your life. It is like your old GPA (grade point average) from school, except for your money. Banks, credit card companies, lenders, employers, and landlords can use your credit history to decide if you get a new account, loan, apartment, … Read more

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