How to Prepare For a Rainy Day

I’m sure you have heard of the idiom that we should all prepare for a rainy day, right? Do you actually know what it means to prepare for a rainy day? For most of you, the underlying meaning is obvious, but to be completely honest, it wasn’t always that clear to me. Until I was … Read more

How to Save Money without Sacrificing Your Soul-

How to Save Money without Sacrificing Your Soul

Let’s face it. Spending money is more fun than saving money. Spending money on things you want, when you can afford it, can feel empowering and give you a sense of accomplishment. Conversely, saving money can feel like a chore and can feel limiting. Saving is often equated with having less or cutting back.

Complete Guide tp Personal Financial Statements

The Complete Beginner Guide to Personal Financial Statements

No one wants to be broke, living paycheck to paycheck, or struggling with money. Everyone wants to succeed with their finances. But many people struggling with their finances don’t know how their money works. If you really want to succeed in personal finance, you have to treat your finances like a business with personal financial statements.

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