Why is Gas so Expensive?

This post comes from my long time friend and college instructor Andrew Levin. Here in the USA, we love our gas. Each day, we consume enough gasoline to fill up over 550 Olympic-sized swimming pools. There is an average of one car for every two Americans. And boy do we like to drive. According to … Read more

New York Street Sign Wall St

How FOREX Works

If you have ever heard about people making millions (or losing millions) of dollars on currency speculation, you are not alone. I have read stories about being making and breaking the bank by investing in Euros, Pounds, Yen, Shekels, Yuan, Baht, Pesos, and a slew of other currencies. From the grand entrance of the Euro to the Asian Currency Crisis in the 1990s, the Foreign Exchange, or FOREX, markets are an important investment opportunity.

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