Simplee Automates Your Insurance

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of automation and aggregation. The fewer places you have to look for your financial information, the less time you will use and the less likely you are to mess up. Simplee simplifies and automates your insurance just like Mint or Adaptu does with your finances.

What It Does

Simplee works with your insurance account to make sure you really understand where your money is going and gives you reminders when a bill is due. The site also helps create an understanding of how your healthcare costs are distributed (you vs. insurance) and understanding what your true costs are.

Cost Tracking and Breakdown

This year I had a more complicated insurance plan than ever before. Since I started working and paying for my own insurance, I have always been on an HMO. HMOs, for those who don’t know, are a for-profit company that includes the insurance, treatment, pharmacy, preventative care, doctors, and hospitals under one umbrella. Now I am on a PPO where the doctors are separate from my insurance company.

With a PPO, I have a lot more to deal with. I have a deductible, a flex spend account, out of pocket maximums and minimums, and other complexities. It is a lot to wrap your head around. Simplee makes it simple.

The site has a dashboard that tracks everything (I have linked both my PPO and dental plans). It tells me what the deductible is and what I have spent toward that amount. It tells me what I have paid and what the insurance company has paid. It tells me everything. It also makes pretty graphs.

Simplee Graph

Who This Is Good For

This site is useful for anyone with health insurance. Period. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on the site to get a great value. And, as a bonus, it checks your insurance account daily and sends you an email whenever bills are due or services have been processed. I just jump on, take a glance, and have a better idea of what is going on with my insurance and healthcare costs.

This site is a great supplement to the personal finance arsenal. And, like all other automation tips on this site, it is 100% free.

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  1. What do you know about CakeHealth? I’ve tried it & Simplee, but haven’t had time to truly compare the two.

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