A Mint Alternative: Thrive

Update: Thrive has been shut down, but you can still see my always up-to-date list of free money management tools.

You all know that my favorite part of the personal finance arsenal is Mint, a banking aggregation site that helps with budgeting and transaction history.

Thrive has popped up as Mint’s number one competition. The site offers what Mint does with a different emphasis. While Mint focuses on the budget, Thrive focuses on goals and advice. Wesabe, another Mint alternative, gives advice in the form of community support. Thrive acts as a free professional financial adviser.

I have written a new post on this, Mint.com vs. Thrive Comparison.  The new post gives an in depth look at Thrive and a full comparison of both sites.

3 thoughts on “A Mint Alternative: Thrive”

  1. Thanks for the mention, Eric. You hit on the head – a lot of people want to put us in the same category as Mint, in some sort of competition, but really we just have very different philosophies.

    We’ll be doing more with budgeting soon (keep an eye out!) but as always, it will be put into simple terms for people who are trying to find simple, clear advice that helps them get where they need to do. Hopefully we can be a useful part of your PF arsenal as well – perhaps a useful staff sergeant that comes in at just the right time with the right plan? =]

  2. Thanks for finding the site. I am happy to give Thrive an honorable mention.

    I noticed that the accounts available were similar to Mint. Are you also powered by Yodlee?

  3. Eric: for now, we are. So what you are really getting is not a difference in the information used, but how we use it. Mint makes graphs. Thrive gives you advice. Just different philosphies of what people need.

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