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How I Make Money Online: Successes and Failures (Part 2)

This is part two in my look back at my various efforts to make money online.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

While this could have been a subset of blogging, I put it on its own.  It was a miserable failure for me.  I didn’t make one affiliate sale despite a handful of positive book reviews. If you do like this site and want to support it, you can always use my link to get started on an Amazon shopping trip.

Past Web Sites

I started my first website in high school.  I will admit, it was a professional wrestling fan site.  I just deleted it from Yahoo! GeoCities a few months ago actually.  While a webmaster about ten years ago, I signed up for Yahoo’s pay per click advertising.  I made about $5 from that one.

Selling Rap CDs

I am a professional Jewish rapper.  I don’t mention that much on this site.  Maybe if I did, I would sell more CDs.  I have sold enough HWChet albums to pay for the costs, but those were all sold in person.  I have never made an online sale, but I do have PayPal on the site if you are interested.  A CD is just $5 plus shipping.

Paid Surveys

I used to try to fill out a lot of surveys online at Survey Savvy.  Over several years and many, many rejections from the screening process, I have earned about $60 on Survey Savvy.  If you are interested in signing up, please do so through my referral link.  Or, contact me for a referral e-mail.  I have referred two friends who have also been paid out for their surveys.

Here are some other good options for paid survey sites: i-Say, Springboard America, and Opinion Outpost.

Honorable Mention – Swag Bucks

I have earned enough from Swagbucks to buy a season of one of my favorite shows on DVD for free.  Swagbucks is a hybrid Google search engine that rewards you in Swagbucks for searching.  For doing nothing more than I normally would, I have earned seven $5 gift cards for  There are thousands of prizes.  You can also cash your bucks in for cash through PayPal.  If you want to take advantage of this one, sign up through my link to give matching Swagbucks for your first 1000 bucks earned from search.  I have had a friend sign up and she was thrilled with the site too.

Honorable Mentions – Free Stuff

I have earned lots of free stuff from e-Rewards.  To join the site, you need a referral from one of the sponsoring companies.  I got my invite through the Priority Club rewards program (Holiday Inn), though I have seen friends join up through the book store Borders as well.  You can cash out for miles, hotel reward points, free magazines, and gift cards.

Ideas – Freelancing and eBook

In the future, I am planning to do a little online freelancing.  I plan to do a combination of finance and writing projects.  Sites like Elance show opportunity.  I have also completed an eBook and I am in the final stages of editing and production.  Expect to see it on the site in the near future.

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