The Yakezie Challenge

”TheI decided to join the “wolf pack” of the Yakezie Challenge.  I was inspired while avoiding studying for finals.  Well Heeled wrote a fun post on the challenge (see “wolf pack” link above.

The Yakezei Challenge is a group personal finance blogging effort started by the Finance Samurai to help personal finance bloggers join together in search of higher Alexa rankings.

For my first Yakezie post by giving away random links to other members with Alexa ranks lower than mine.

First on the list is Anastasia, who has a beautifully built blog on a platform notorious for ugly blogs that look the same.

The Stay at Home Mom CFO brings an opposite world view to my finance posts.  I am a guy living alone in an apartment worried about myself.  She has triplets!

The Girl with the Red Balloon just has a cool name for a blog.

Beating Broke is trying to, well, beat being broke.  The site says that the borrower is slave to the lender.  There is some truth to that wisdom.

The Rat is trying to end the rat race.  It looks like the site has some great investing advice too.

I would keep linking all night, but I have yet again used blogging to avoid what I really should be doing right now: school work.  On the bright side, I GRADUATE ON WEDNESDAY!  If I can make it through my international finance final, I think everything will be okay.  I will let you all know when you can call me Eric, MBA.

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