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Buy Discounted Gift Cards to Save on Purchases

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If you regularly make purchases at any major chain store or online website, you can most save 6% or much more (up to 30%) using sites like CardPool.

CardPool has gift cards for companies like Southwest Airlines, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, Gap, Home Depot, iTunes, Target, and Morton’s Steakhouse.  There are hundreds of options.

How Does It Work?

If you have a gift card that you don’t want, the worst thing you can do is just waste it.  Many people sell the gift card, at a discount, to CardPool.  CardPool takes a cut and posts the gift card on their website, where they sell it at a discount.  For Target, all gift cards are sold at a 3% discount.  For Home Depot, cards are sold at a 6% discount.  For small companies, like Guitar Center, cards are sold at a 15% discount.

CardPool only has no fee, no expiration gift cards and sends you the gift card for free.

Other sites, such as GiftCardRescue, MonsterGiftCard and PlasticJungle offer a similar service.

Have you ever used a gift card exchange service?  How did you like it?  Please share in the comments.

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