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Thanks for taking the time to visit Personal Profitability.  I work hard to make every post interesting, unique, and valuable to every reader. Here are a few great posts to get you started.

How I Moved to My Dream City, Found a New Job, and Got a Big Raise All At Once – The detailed story of my journey from Denver to Portland and every career step along the way.

The Complete Beginner Guide to Travel Hacking – Learn how I score free flights around the country and around the world through credit card bonuses, manufactured spending, and detailed flight planning.

How the Stock Market Works – Everything you need to know to get started investing in the stock market. This post includes market history, what stocks are and where the come from, basic investment analysis, trade types, how to enter a trade, and how to get started building your portfolio.

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Lending Club – An in depth view into how I use the most popular social lending site to earn more than 11% in annual returns on my investments.

Career Transition Guide – Find a New Job, Get It, Leave Gracefully, and Kick Ass In Your New Job – This is a mega-guide to the steps I took to find a new job with a 10%+ raise. I’ve since followed similar steps to get a 40% raise on my next job change.

Home Buyer’s Guide: From Search to Move In – In this detailed guide, I walk you through the process I took to find, buy, and move in to my first home.

How to Pay Yourself First – One of my most popular posts ever gives practical advice

How To Get Your Credit Score for Free – A resource on getting a real free credit score. No credit card required.

My Debt, How I’m Paying It, and the Snowball Effect – A look into my loans, how much I am paying each month and why, and how “snowballing” can help you.  This post is fun and practical for anyone with credit card debt, loans, or knows someone who is trying to figure out what to pay off first.

The Personal Balance Sheet – This is at the heart of my series on your personal financial statements.  The personal balance sheet gives you a snapshot of your current financial health.  This post tells you how to calculate yours.

Stocks, Bonds, and Funds.  Oh My! – This post looks at the basics of the major investment options you have to pick from.

Starting a Small Business – A nine part series on all you need to do to start a small business and make it big.

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