34 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

I often talk to you all about my travels, adventures, and bank accounts. I often keep most of the rest of the “personal” out of this personal finance site. I thought I would share some little known facts about Eric so you know more about the guy behind the keyboard.

Travel is My Favorite Thing in the World

This one might not be a big surprise to you, but I love traveling and don’t mind spending a lot of money to do it. I have been to 19 countries and 33 states. I want to go to every state in the US and every country I can safely visit.

I have plans to visit state 34 (Louisiana) in April and hopefully country 20, 21, and 22 in the fall (Spain, Portugal, and Gibraltar), though that trip is in very early planning stages. As of this moment, I have my next four trips planned. I am going to Fayetteville, AR (visiting my sister), New Orleans, LA (New Orleans Jazz Fest), Omaha, NE (Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting), and back to Fayetteville (sister’s graduation) all before the end of May.

I Love to Party

If you know me in person, you know that I might casually mention that I am a DJ. I am into dance music and night clubs. I have a free dance music podcast and am always looking for my next gig in town. I love to combine this with travel. In my last trip to Europe, I visited the Ministry of Sound in London and Escape in Amsterdam, to name a couple.

I have seen Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, The Crystal Method, Sydney Blu, Sharam, BT, ATB, Skrillex, Nero, and many more over the last couple of years. Tiesto inspired me to take the jump and buy my DJ equipment. On Christmas Eve, I had my biggest gig yet. I played at the annual Denver Heebonism party for about 600 awesome people.

I Was Once in a Very, Very Serious Relationship

I dated a girl for four and a half years. We broke up about two years ago, and I can’t lie that the breakup sucked. I even wrote my own guide: 10 rules for heartbreak.

That relationship taught me a lot about myself and what I want in a future relationship. I also gave up the whole partying thing for the most part while dating her, and I have made sure to make up for lost time ever since.

I Hate White Creamy Foods

I am not sure what it is that grosses me out about things like sour cream, ranch dressing, mayo, and alfredo sauce. Whatever it is, a restaurant can expect to have something returned if I get a creamy surprise. However, I do like whipped cream, particularly on hot chocolate with Bailey’s.

I Worked at Scout Camp

I spent seven summers working at Boy Scout camp. I am an Eagle Scout. I have my Vigil Honor in Order of the Arrow. I am a super Scout. In fact, working at camp helped me earn a scholarship that gave me a full ride for my undergraduate degree.

More Random Facts

  • I was born in Minneapolis and lived in Los Angeles and Indianapolis before moving to Denver when I was five.
  • I have been to Israel five times, and I try to visit every 2-3 years
  • I only eat Kosher meat and have a Kosher kitchen at home
  • I started my first failed business when I was 18
  • I really like aged single malt Scotch, but I won’t  ever turn down a blend or Bourbon either
  • My favorite wine is Chianti
  • I was in the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity at the University of Colorado. Now I am their advisor.
  • My favorite foods are Chocolate Milk Shakes and French Fries. They have been for about 20 years.
  • I live in a building with 5 friends. People often compare us to the TV show friends, but I prefer to think of myself at Barney from How I Met Your Mother (though I am totally more like Ted).
  • I started blogging over six years ago and my oldest blog is over five years old
  • The smell of a new computer makes me smile every time
  • I made my first political speech to the county Democratic party when I was eight years old
  • I run professionally produced flash mobs as a hobby
  • I once befriended a con-artist, but it was not on purpose
  • I say “That’s What She Said” at least 3 times a day, and I don’t think it is annoying at all
  • I have a big ego. Seriously. I am kind of a big deal and I’m incredibly good looking.
  • I love Karaoke and performing in general
  • I have had knee and shoulder surgery from swimming injuries, and appendix surgery, and hand surgery twice (from a snowboarding fall), and West Nile Virus which caused viral meningitis, and my wisdom teeth out, and my tonsils and adenoids out. But I’m healthy today.
  • I will never jump out of a perfectly good airplane and think parachuting is a stupid idea
  • In high school, my friends learned how to fake injure each other like on pro-wrestling, then my friend accidently punched me in the face and I have a scar just below my lip.
  • My 27th birthday party was at Casa Bonita. Yes, the place from South Park. Yes, it is real.
  • While I was 26, I went on dates with women as young as 22 and old as 39
  • If you lie to me, I will not be your friend anymore. I don’t give second chances on trust.
  • I used to be a rock climbing instructor
  • I homebrew my own beer, but I am lazy so I don’t do it that often anymore
  • In an average weekday, I usually listen to music for at least seven hours. Mostly electronic dance music. Don’t call it techno, it is not.
  • I am on two boards for Jewish organizations in Denver
  • I am a religious school teacher
  • I think family is the most important thing in the world

49 thoughts on “34 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me”

  1. Wow! Such a great post. I want to go to Israel really bad. So many friends of mine immigrated from the Soviet Union (when we all where behind the Iron Curtain). I still keep in touch with some of them. I just wish it wouldn’t be so expensive to go there. Really enjoyed your post!

    1. Flights to Israel are a lot, but there are deals sometimes on airlines like British Airways or Delta that are cheaper than El Al.

  2. I would have died laughing if you said I homebrew my own beer but I am too lazy so I stopped drinking. You and Aloysa have inspired me. I think I might do 1000 things people didn’t know about me. 

    1. Maybe YOU should come to DENVER! After all, two awesome people should hang out and do awesome things together. I can take you to 4 or 5 breweries in an afternoon with plenty of time to go dancing after.

      1.  I really want too!  And skiing!  But I’ve been to Colorado a couple of times (more than just airports) and I live in the beer capital.

        1. I think you are mistaken. Denver is the beer capital. We have the Great American Beer Festival, Denver Beer Week, and Colorado is the #1 beer producer in the US by volume.

          1. PDX – Craft beer capital.  Doesn’t count if you use corn and other fillers to mass produce beer.  We have PDX Beer Week too, and holiday, and fruit, and organic, and every other type of beer party too.  (Don’t mess with us!)  Although – getting into GABF is on my bucket list.

          2. Yeah, we top the list thanks primarily to Coors and Anheuser-Busch. But New Belgium makes a big dent too these days. If you need someone to GABF with, let me know. I went 2 of the last 3 years and loved it.

          3.  Added it to my calendar.  Let’s try to get tickets and then I’m definitely in.  Think we can do a tour of New Belgium?  Maybe even Coors or AB – would be cool to see from a mass produce point of view.

          4. Deal. We can def tour New Belgium. AB is down the street from there. Coors is about 30 minutes from my place and the biggest single site brewery in the world.

  3. Wow, I think we would hang out if we lived in the same city. I had a dance/rave phase about 10-12 years ago, seeing DJ Dan and DJ Skribble live were the highlights.

    Traveling is also my favorite thing: planning a trip to Paris, Switzerland and Italy as we speak.

    Nice to get to know you better!

      1. I agree with Marissa, great line. One I agree with, too.

        You have a lot of interests, and seem to have a lot going on while having a really solid perspective. That’s cool.

  4. What I gathered from all of that is you have exactly zero seconds of wasted time per day! It sounds like you live such a full life. 

    1. The average American watches 10 hours of TV per week. If you replace that with something productive, you have enough time for a part time job!

    1. I love Avicci! Levels was one of the top tracks of 2011. I went to a Dada Life show at a local club and Avicci showed up to hang out.

  5. I already knew you were interesting, but learned lots of new things about you.  So, when you travel to conferences (like Fincon) do you just eat vegetarian?  I’m sure they didn’t have kosher meat there.

  6. I love posts like these. 

    “That’s what she said” is a daily phrase at our house too. It’s fun to get to know your blogger better.

    1. Ha ha, I only dated a woman over 32 once, and we met on Twitter. I realized why the age difference mattered so much when I found out she had a son two years younger than me.

  7. Eagle Scout huh!  That’s a huge deal in my book, very hard to get!  Very impressive!!!

    Funny that Casa Bonita, that was a hilarious SP episode…

    Single malt scotch on the rocks please…  I usually go for Glenlivet (although it’s overdone…)

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