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15 Random Tips For A College Freshman

This post is part of the Yakezie blog swap and was written by SB from One Cent At A Time. You can also see my post on the same topic at his blog.

University of Colorado dorm Farrand Hall
Farrand Hall, University of Colorado – Image by apasciuto / flickr

As you enter a new chapter of life, freshmen, this is the perfect time for you to prepare to either change the world or be changed by the world. Only you will decide your course in either of these two directions.

You’re probably out on your own for the first time in your life. Well, enjoy the world with the eyes of a free soul. It’s very easy to get caught up in activities that could make you ashamed later in your life. Don’t get carried away as your identity takes shape in college – the lessons in life take shape in college as well.

Now I am going to present you a few random tips that, if followed, could make you a better human being, a better student, and a successful person.

Choose your career according to your passion

Do not choose your career based on the income it can generate. If you don’t like the subjects you’re learning, your education will not be complete and your career will suffer. Find your passion and build your career around it.

You cannot be the best at everything

Don’t try to be the best in studies, sports, and music. Choose one of them you are passionate about and try to do your best compared to others in it. Don’t try to be Jack!

Remember the Golden Rule

Be good to others, including the fellow you least like in your class or dorm. Treat others well and you will be treated well!

Practice punctuality

Your parents are not there to wake you up at 6 o’ clock, so get up at a set time every day, exercise, get yourself clean, go to class, and study.

Participate in sports

You are almost getting to your prime in terms of athletic abilities. Sports are a very good means of regaining bodily power and mental energy. You need both in your college days. Your body is still growing and you need stimulus for that brain, which has started accumulating knowledge that should sustain you for decades.

Take care of your finances

Learn to live below your means. Your education is perhaps going to put you in debt from the very first day you step out of college. Try to save as much money as you can from your student loans. Walking out of the college debt free is the best gift you can give yourself.

Save as much as you can

There are various ways of saving money in college on books, tuition and food. There are ways of earning extra money while in college by means of part time jobs. Find out your options and get going!

Don’t miss out on a scholarship

Apply for all the scholarships you can; you might be successful if you apply for many. You will be surprised to know students don’t even apply for many of the available scholarships. You could get lucky by virtue of just applying for them.

Share with others

Share your room and furniture and cook with roommates; they save you serious money! You can also get exposed to a different way of thinking, different cultures, and different types of food.

Study in groups

Form a study group, share your books. Help others in their study and get help in return. Many tough subjects seem easier to comprehend when discussed in a group.

Take no further debt beyond student loan

Get over the temptation of getting credit cards, auto loans, and all other ‘buy-now-pay-later’ schemes.

Make friends

You could probably make the best friends of your life this year in college.Watch out for the people your best friend is mixing with; sometimes people act as recruiters for gangs (whatever be the reason of forming gangs, basically gangs are bad!). At the first hint of something “off,” stay away from this new best friend.

Don’t be hesitant in seeking help

Seek advice from parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents… Basically those to whom you used to go for help so far in your life. Call them up whenever you need advice. You are not matured enough to tackle every problem in your life alone; there’s no shame or harm in seeking help out.

Let it loose some days, sometimes

When being good gets boring, it feels good to let go occasionally. Late night parties, beers (if law permits) and members of the opposite sex can make your college life memorable. Many such parties and nights will give you something to brag about in the future.

Okay, you partied last night, you’re happy, now be good again

At least for a few more days. No more partying today, you are in college for only one purpose, that is..to learn! Partying is just to take time off and rejuvenate your energy level.

4 thoughts on “15 Random Tips For A College Freshman”

  1. Good points!  I would add to do things to build your resume such fraternities/sororities, student government, sports, hold office, and internships.

  2. Great tips! I’d also add find a friend who is also a good role model for studying, or  a “study buddy.” This will make spending time studying “fun” as well.

  3. Eric,
    Tip number one was the Best- how many people find themselves in careers they hate or change jobs several times? You can be successful if you work at what you love, the keywords being work hard. The other tips were excellent as well, and students pay for counseling and other services through student fees, so they should take advantage of them when needed. If only the “young folks” would not post embarrassing thoughts and photos on Facebook that will haunt them for years to come, now that would be something! Good job.

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