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How to Save Money without Sacrificing Your Soul-

How to Save Money without Sacrificing Your Soul

Let’s face it. Spending money is more fun than saving money. Spending money on things you want, when you can afford it, can feel empowering and give you a sense of accomplishment. Conversely, saving money can feel like a chore and can feel limiting. Saving is often equated with having less or cutting back.

Saving Money

Saving Money: Summer Checkup

If this year has been going as fast for you as it has me, then you’re amazed that it is now mid-July. I look back at how six months have passed us by and how half of the year is remaining. Whether or not you believe in, or have New Year’s Resolutions, I still believe … Read more

Old Check Register

Never Buy Checks From the Bank

If you still use checks, buying new blanks is a necessary evil. Unless your bank gives you free checks, you have to spend money to be able to spend money. That seems like an archaic concept to me, who pays everything through credit cards and online bill pay. If you still do use checks, though, … Read more

Save Money

3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Everyday Expenses

Having a family of five we’re always looking for ways on how we can save money on every day, common expenses. We like to be frugal in many areas so that we can spend money on other things we enjoy and ultimately that comes down to making hard choices about how we spend our money. While we have come up with a number of ways, the possibilities are really limitless in terms of saving money and ultimately come down to what you value and what kind of lifestyle you choose to live.

4 Ways to Save on Drinks at Your Next Party

I recently moved out of an apartment and into a condo. For a single guy like me, that means one thing: More parties at my place! My condo is the unofficial pregame and party headquarters for half a dozen of my closest friends. I love entertaining, and now that I don’t have to worry about a landlord, it’s easier than ever. But it’s also costlier than ever.

Saving Time and Money on Quality Wine

I love good wine. At the end of a long day, nothing goes better with dinner than a great Chianti or Bordeaux. But, as I found my taste in wine evolving, so did the cost. I am always looking to learn about good wines, trying new ones, and saving money. Last week, I found a new way to do all three that I am trying out.

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