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Never Buy Checks From the Bank

If you still use checks, buying new blanks is a necessary evil. Unless your bank gives you free checks, you have to spend money to be able to spend money. That seems like an archaic concept to me, who pays everything through credit cards and online bill pay. If you still do use checks, though, make sure you spend as little as possible to buy them.

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When to Use Checks

Okay, that intro might have been a bit harsh. I do use checks to make business payments, but I do not use any checks (and hardly use cash) in my day-to-day life.

If you use checks for any regular purchases, think about other options. I suggest using an airline mile or travel reward credit card for every purchase. Even if you have a small business, getting a business rewards credit card (just click “business credit cards” for an up-to-date list) may be easier than you think.

If you use checks to pay your credit card bill? Pay online. If you use a check to pay your HOA, mortgage, or rent: use your bank’s bill pay.

There are always options to get away from using checks. Do you best to save paper, money, and hassles by going electronic for as many payments as possible.

Where to Get Checks

The easiest solution may be to just call your bank and ask them to order your checks. Most banks order your checks through a company called Deluxe. Deluxe checks are often very high quality and use the best security standards, but many other companies do too. And the other companies charge less for the same product!

Instead of calling up the bank and asking for checks, search online for the best deals. I am partial to this buy-one-get-one free deal for checks from the Bradford Exchange. Make sure to enter coupon code 15237XFH at checkout to get the discount.

If you need business checks, you can also look at deals from sites like Bradford Exchange or do your best searching online for the best deals.

Don’t Be Lazy

All I ask that you please don’t take the lazy way out. Ordering checks on your own takes only a few minutes and can easily save 70% off the horrific prices you would pay ordering from the bank. Be smart with your money and save by spending a little time to save big.

How do you buy your blank checks? Please share in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Never Buy Checks From the Bank”

  1. I bought my checks from my credit union. It wasn’t expensive and given how infrequently I write checks, I’ll move out of my residence and change my address before I run out checks.

    1. I’ve had to move before and the address wasn’t good anymore, but I had used my parent’s house so it wasn’t such a big deal. I’ve moved twice since I got checks last.

    1. I never thought about trying to use a store like Walmart! I own stock in them and don’t even know everything they do.

    1. One of my banks gives me free checks. Other than that, I have never bought checks from the bank. They charge way too much!

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