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Should You Get A Credit Card After Paying off Debt?

I remember making my last debt payment like it was yesterday. It felt like the shackles I had been wearing around my ankles for five years finally fell off. A funny thing happened though as I was done with the journey – I started getting more credit card offers. Crazy I know, but that’s the … Read more

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How to Overcome Being Tired of Paying Off Debt

Paying off debt, whether it be due to credit cards or something like student loans can be difficult – to say the least. When you’re wallowing under a pile of debt it can seem like it will never end and that you’ll always be dealing with this burden of debt. As someone who has been … Read more

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What to Do if You Find Yourself in Credit Card Debt

I would imagine that many of us have either dealt with credit card debt, or at least know someone who has. The fact that the average household has more than $15,000 of credit card debt  (of those that have credit card debt) tells me that many are intimately acquainted with such debt. If you have … Read more

Is Your Credit Card Debt Worth the Cost?

Is Your Credit Card Debt Worth the Cost?

I remember the day like it was yesterday, I was looking at my four credit card statements and saw that I was just north of $20,000 in credit card debt. I asked myself, how did I get there? It did not help that I had just come back from the music store having purchased four or five CD’s that I had no business buying, yet I still did not see the issue. My problem was that I was using credit cards to fund a lifestyle that I wanted, and felt that I deserved but was doing it at the expense of my future. It would be one thing if the credit card debt was due to me losing a job or something like that, but sadly it was largely spent on junk that I did not need. One question kept running through my mind – was all that stuff worth the cost?

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