Open Letter to Rep. Mike Coffman

House Representative Mike Coffman (R-CO) is my elected official in the House of Representatives. I recently asked you to write your congress representatives to support raising our debt ceiling for a variety of reasons. Here is my letter. Feel free to use part of it or all of it when emailing your Representative regarding this issue.

Paying off debt

Good Debt and Bad Debt

In the personal finance world, we have a little mantra you might have seen before. Debt is bad. But is that always the case? I would argue no. Of course, it is better to be debt free than have debt, but sometimes it is necessary to improve your life.

I Paid Off My Car!

Long before I had this blog, I had a car loan. My old car, a hand-me-down 1990 Volvo Stationwagon with about 200,000 miles, decided to stop working while driving west on Belleview Avenue one summer morning. Fixing it would have cost as much as the car was worth, so I decided to get a brand new one.

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