Going to Small Claims Court Today

Today is the big day. I am going to small claims court. You can see a picture of my bike and the car that hit me here. It is fairly straight forward. I was hit from behind. I will let you all know what happened and how my first small claims court experience goes.

I am in at 10:00am Mountain time. Wish me luck.

I have never done anything like this before, so I am kind of nervous. I do not know why, as I am comfortable speaking in public and I know my case front and back. Also, worst case, I don’t get anything. Best case I get $300 plus my $31 court filing fees.
I have made a deposition before for an automobile accident case. My deposition went very well and the side that I testified for did very well in the case.

(Top Picture) You can see the back wheel of the bike is severely bent and the kick stand is bent upward. That is from the car hitting the bike from behind and driving over the top of it.

(Bottom Picture) You can see with low detail in this photo that the front bumper of the car has a black mark from where it drove over my wheel. Directly above that mark there is a small black mark from where it hit my back tire while still vertical knocking the bike over. There is also minor damage to the black grill where the kickstand went into the air intake.

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