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Why buying real estate might be cheaper than renting-

Buying Might Be Cheaper Than Renting

I have a steal on rent. Right now I am paying $400 per month. I knew the landlord so he cut me a good deal. However, most people in this neighborhood pay more like $600-$800 per person per month. In a 4 bedroom house that is easily $2400-$3200 per month. Mortgage payments might be less … Read more

Home buyer guide- from search to move in-

Home Buyer’s Guide: From Search to Move In

Buying a home can be intimidating. In September 2011, I bought my first home. I went through the process to find a place, get a mortgage, and close with the help and support of a great realtor and my own local market knowledge. Below you will find the full guide to how I found a … Read more

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The Economics of Cutting the Cord

I got rid of my cable in January, 2010. It was a liberating and awesome moment. Cutting the cord is one of the easiest ways to save on home expenses. But when I tell people, they ask, “what about sports, what about new TV shows?” I don’t need sports or new shows, I’m happy with … Read more

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