Real Estate

The Economics of Moving

Last week, I wrote about my recent apartment hunting. Now that I have a new place picked out, I have to move. I arranged an overlap of one week so I have time to move everything in my busy schedule of working during the day and going to classes at night.

Apartment Hunting

Yesterday I completed a multi-week process of searching for and picking a new place to live. I have been living in a house near my school for the last 15 months. In that 15 months, I have been very happy with the rent and location, but I decided it was time for me to go out and get a place on my own.

Homes as Investments

Over the last year or so, we have seen real estate prices fall like we could never have imagined.  Many experts believe that residential real estate is just the beginning, and that commercial will start to go into crisis mode in the near future. What are we to do now?  I like to think of … Read more

Housing Prices Show Recovery

While we are still in a recession, the recession seems to be getting less bad.  As a Wall Street fund manager told me today, it might go down in history as “the great recession.”  As we all know, this recession has pushed down housing prices around the world.  It looks like the worst might be … Read more

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