How To Deal With US Savings Bonds

If you are like me, you have a big stack of US savings bonds that has been accumulating dust in a safe deposit box since you were born. If you are under 30, those are still gaining interest today. But what should we do with our savings bonds? I never thought to cash mine in until I got to grad school, and that promted quite a bit of research into how to deal with finding the value, paying the taxes, and cashing in my bonds. I will take you through the process I went through up to today, the day I take my bonds to the bank.

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Lending Club Updates

Any long-time reader of Personal Profitability knows that I’m an investor in peer-to-peer lending at Lending Club. I write an occasional update on my portfolio, and compiled them all into a running history here. If you are interested in how I invest in Lending Club, check out my Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Lending

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Cars as Investments

When I worked at the bank, I noticed something interesting. All of the officers had cars worth less than the regular employees. I knew that officers made more than non-officers. I always wondered why people who make less have cars worth more. I figured it out one day. All of the officers had nice, reliable

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My Automated Plan

I keep telling you how you should invest, stop spending, and do more for yourself financially. I can not justify doing so without doing so myself. I want you all to see how I am doing it today. That is my breakdown. You might note that I did not include a budget for my living,

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