Starting a Budget

You do not need a budget to get by unless you are a compulsive spender. That said, I like to have a budget. You do not need a budget because you are already investing automatically. As long as you don’t touch that, you are fine for the future. Living paycheck to paycheck means that you …

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My Automated Plan

I keep telling you how you should invest, stop spending, and do more for yourself financially. I can not justify doing so without doing so myself. I want you all to see how I am doing it today. That is my breakdown. You might note that I did not include a budget for my living, …

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The Benefits of Insurance

As someone who cares about their financial situation, which all Narrow Bridge readers surely are, you probably care about your stuff too. As a stuff owner, it is important to have stuff insurance.

My net worth was near zero during my MBA program, but has since surpassed $500,000. Follow my net worth journey from 2008 to 2012 on this net worth tracker.

My Net Worth, What’s The Deal?

As you can see from my Net Worth widget, I just had a big dive. I started tracking my net worth just before my first tuition payment. My first quarter cost about $13,000. I paid about half cash and took out a student loan for the other half.

Royal Gorge Bridge

My Narrow Bridge Adventure Begins

Rabbi Nachman Me’Uman wrote a beautiful, inspiring song. Kol Ha’Olam Kulo, Gesher Tsar Me’od. The whole world is a very narrow bridge. Veha’ikar – veha’ikar lo lefached klal. The most important thing to remember is not to be afraid at all.

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