How I Make the Most Money Online

This blog just broke even last week. Even though I broke even, I do not see this as a big money generator at any point in the future. I just do it for fun and to educate people. There is one site I have spent time on that is not just for fun, it is for the money.

eHow is one of the highest ranked pages online. If you search for “how to…”, you will likely end up at an eHow page from your Google results. Every time you view and rate an article on eHow, the writer makes a little money.

So far in February I have made $55. I have written 32 articles on eHow, many of which relate to personal finance, legal issues, and computers. Some of my articles have made nothing. One of them is inching closer to $100. It is a good stream of side income. The picture here is my 2008 earnings summary. That was my first year on the site.

So, if you have a little extra time, make a few extra bucks. eHow pays via PayPal and requires your social security number for tax reporting. It is only available to US citizens. If you are on backup withholding from the IRS you are not eligible for the writer’s compensation program.

Update: I forgot to add my user name. You can read my articles by visiting my profile (Eric1985). If you like the articles please rate them well!

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  1. What’s your username on eHow? I’d like to check out your stuff! You can add me as a friend there if you want. I’m there under StephaniePTY.

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