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5 Backyard Budget Entertaining Ideas

Having friends over is a ton of fun. I love entertaining and hosting people for parties, dinners, and fun evenings. But hosting events can get expensive quick. Here are five budget entertaining ideas to have people over while the weather is nice without blowing your budget.


A barbeque is a fun way to have people over for dinner without over spending. Just light up the grill, throw on some homemade burgers and hot dogs, get a few big bags of chips, and dinner is served. If you ask your guests to bring drinks, sides, and desserts, you can host a great gathering for about $20-$40.

Game Night

Who doesn’t love a wholesome card game like Cards Against Humanity. Or maybe Monopoly Risk, or Apples To Apples for the more easily offended.

If you already have games at home, you can have people over for the cost of some beverages and sides as long as you don’t plan it over lunch or dinner time. Of course, you can combine this with a barbeque as a fun activity addition.

Beer Tasting Party

Craft beers are all the rage right now. Don’t miss the bandwagon on this delicious, fun pastime. Have some friends over for the “Great Backyard Beer Festival.”

To host your own beer tasting party, set the rules for everyone who comes. Make sure everyone brings a bomber size bottle (the big glass bottles) or bigger of a beer they want to try and share. Everyone has to bring something to drink if they want to participate. And no cheap mass production beers are allowed, only craft beers from smaller breweries.

You provide glasses for tasting and one beer yourself. That is your entire cost. You can get a quality craft beer bomber for less than $10. That’s my kind of party.

Theme Party

Have you ever wanted to relive the Queen of Hearts’ party or the Mad Hatter’s tea party from Alice in Wonderland? Or do you just like wearing costumes and dressing up? Host a backyard theme party.

Set up a stereo with a themed playlist, dress for the occasion, and put out some light snacks and a few starter drinks. As long as everyone brings something along to contribute, you’re booze stash won’t run dry.

Obscure Sport

Who doesn’t love a good game of badminton. Or maybe you can dig up an old game of lawn darts Or swing by the thrift shop and look for a croquet, bocce ball, or horseshoe set. Maybe you want to build your own corn hole setup, or try to figure out backyard shuffleboard.

Backyard games are fun, but when they are a little bit off the beaten path they are a little more fun. Few of your friends are going to be lawn dart or croquet pros, so everyone has a great chance to win and have fun.

Be Creative

There are so many things you can do outside with friends on the cheap that I could never come up with them all here. Be creative, spend time with people you enjoy, and take advantage of the nice weather while it’s here.

Have you hosted a backyard get together before? Share your best budget tips in the comments.

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