Get off the grid

How to Get Off the Grid

Our world is changing so rapidly today. Have you ever thought that maybe you’d like to escape this high-tech, fast-paced, government controlled world that we live in today? I sure have. I have even gone so far as to consider removing myself from “the grid” entirely. In other words, I have considered what it would take to generate my own power, produce my own food, and to remove myself from the typical connected world. I have not made the leap yet, but I believe that it’s entirely possible to get off the grid completely.

The Frustrations of This World

Have you ever gone to your mailbox and been ruefully greeted by your utility bills? Just this past month I had this exact experience, but I was anticipating an incredibly low water and electric bill because I had hardly used either the entire month. Oddly enough though, my bills were only about $5 cheaper than the norm.

“How is it that I am still paying so much money when I hardly used any energy whatsoever this week?” I thought to myself.

Then I started looking at the charges. For my electric, sewage, and water, there was an annoying “Readiness to serve charge” of nearly $10 for each. This means that even if I used absolutely no power, water, or flushed any of my toilets, I would still owe the utility company $30 because they were “ready to serve” me if I needed it.

This is absolute crap.

When we live in this world of amenities, bills are often difficult to escape. There might be a day when I get so frustrated with the system that I may choose to just get off of this grid already. And, this day may come sooner rather than later.

Step One: Live Cheaply

In order to get off the grid, you either need to have a lot of money stockpiled, or you need to learn to live incredibly cheap. One of the best ways to cut your expenses is to reduce the square footage of your home. Many radical individuals choose to build “Tiny Houses” that measure only 150 square feet in size. With this small of a dwelling, you can very easily power your house via propane or solar energy.

Your days of frivolous spending at the mall are probably over, but it’s just as well since all of your purchases were merely crap anyway. Having the freedom to live on your own terms and by your own rules far outweighs the pleasure of making senseless purchases.

Step Two: Grow Your Own Food

Too often we depend on grocery stores to provide our food. What if something happened where the food was no longer available? How would you feed yourself? This is not likely to happen, but if it were, it would be very comforting to know that you could simply head out to your garden and feed yourself very well on the food that you have grown.

Gardens are not really that difficult. If you live on fertile soil, simply pick up some seeds for your favorite fresh foods, plant them, and mind the weeds as you consistently water them every couple of days. For me, I would grow tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, spices, and some lettuce (and corn if I had enough space). With these simple plants, I would be able to survive for quite a long time from their production.

In addition to the garden, I would have a few chickens running around as well. They would produce eggs and meat, and my supply of them would likely grow as they produce chicks.

Finally, I enjoy fishing and could easily catch my dinner from day to day. The cost of this is practically nothing and I would eat very well from the meat.

Step Three: Literally Remove Yourself From the Power Grid

When most people mention “getting off the grid,” they mean getting off from the power grid of electricity, sewage, and natural gas (whereas I consider it to mean living a life of self-reliance). By moving yourself to a smaller dwelling, this actually becomes quite simple.

To power your devices, you could use solar power. To heat your home or cook your meals, you can use propane. And, for water you can simply dig a well or catch rain water.

Obviously, it is not as simple as snapping your fingers, but all of these actions are quite manageable. In fact, nearly 200,000 people live off the grid already! Why not you or I? By living off the grid, we could not only reduce our living expenses, but we could also breathe easy, knowing that we do not depend on the government or large companies to stay alive and well in our homes today.

Are you ready to get off the grid?

Tells us why, and what steps you think are best to get started, in the comments below.

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