Eric Rosenberg in Madrid

PPP011: I’m Eric and I Make $30,000 Per Year on the Side

This week we turn around the tables and I am the one getting interviewed! Welcome guest host Jeff Fruhwirth as he interviews me about topics I am passioniate about including how I got started blogging, the name change to Personal Profitability, how to get started freelancing, how to start travel hacking, and a secret glimpse […]

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9 Top Luxury Purchases From JamesEdition – The Craigslist for Billionaires

Have you ever heard of JamesEdition? If you aren’t a billionaire, then I would guess that you haven’t. When I first saw this site, my jaw literally dropped. Basically, JamesEdition is Craigslist, but for the wealthy and certainly not for the regular Joe (or Craig if you will). There are people in this world that […]