When I Feel Frustrated – How to Deal

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Like all of you, I sometimes feel frustrated with my financial progress.  We read big numbers about compound interest, saving, investing, and having a better future.  Some days, however, we look at our accounts and feel like we are not making progress.  I have a few methods to overcome financial frustration that I want to share with you.

Focus on the small wins

While I would love to see $10,000 annual investment growth in my retirement accounts, I am too new in the game to have such high expectations.  Instead, find a small benchmark to beat.  I look at my retirement account growth as a combination of both new investment and capital gains.  If you include my payroll deduction, I have a high annual growth percentage over all.  It feels good to see my total balance growing.

The same goes for debt.  If the total snowball payment feels miniscule, look at the dollars going to interest every month.  You will see the money being thrown to the banks shrinking every month.  That is a good feeling.

Use as motivation to succeed

If you tried an investment strategy and it did not pay off, it is most likely not the end of the world.  Use that frustration as fuel to push you forward on researching future options that will work.  Learn from the failure and come out on top next time.

This one is tough sometimes, because a natural instinct when you are frustrated is to give up.  Don’t give into temptation.  If you goal was worth trying for in the beginning, it is still worth it.  Abraham Lincoln failed eighteen times in life, business, and politics before being elected President.  His one success changed the country forever.

What do you do?

How do you deal with frustration?  It is probably easiest to punch a hole in the wall and give up, but you never get anywhere with destruction and quitting.  What are your best methods?  Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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