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11 IFTTT Recipes To Make Your Finances Easier

IFTTT is one of the most useful (and free) web apps I have ever found. IFTTT, which stands for “If This, Then That” can automatically connect you, your social media, news, and tons of other apps for automatic actions. Here are a few of my favorite recipes for staying connected to your finances and saving money.

Get Stock Alerts

Want to celebrate when your stock hits a new high? A text or email if your stock drops below a certain point? IFTTT can do that!

Here is a recipe to get a text message when a stock hits a certain price:

IFTTT Recipe: Stock Watch to SMS

And here is another to get an email. It is pre-filled with Apple, ticker APPL, as an example.

IFTTT Recipe: If the Apple stock price dips below $350, send me an email.

Get Money News

My favorite places to get money news are the New York Times Dealbook, the Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times. You can use the New York Times trigger or an RSS feed to send the stories you want to your Twitter, email, phone, or about a dozen other places. Want news from the Wall Street Journal on just a specific topic? Here is an example of a recipe with all news relating to “Google” IFTTT Recipe: Google news on Wall Street Journal

Here is a recipe I created myself that shares all new posts from the Dealbook on my Twitter account.

IFTTT Recipe: Tweet new articles in the NYT Dealbook

Save Money with Craigslist Tracking

Sometimes you want to buy something, and think Craigslist may be the way to go, but you can’t find what you are looking for. Whether it is a cruiser bike or a couch, some hot commodities go fast on Cragslist. Thanks to IFTTT, you can be the first to know about something new that you are looking for. IFTTT Recipe: Send yourself emails for new Craigslist postings from any search you're interested in

It also works for job searches, like this one in San Francisco.

IFTTT Recipe: Job Search - Software Jobs In SF

Or it might help you find an apartment in your favorite Seattle neighborhood.

IFTTT Recipe: Capitol Hill Apt Search

You Can Automate Almost Anything

Want to make your attempt at extreme couponing easier? You can set the RSS feeds from your favorite coupon sites to send you an email or save new articles to your Evernote coupon notebook. Or you can set it to search the RSS for certain brands or products.

IFTTT Recipe: New and amazing coupons to save money

Maybe you want to text your spending to a spreadsheet so you can track how much you spent on a vacation when you get home? IFTTT Recipe: Keep track of everyday spending with just a text

We all hate trying to remember when a friend owes us five bucks, or a DVD we let them borrow. Have no fear, IFTTT is here!

IFTTT Recipe: Who owes me money

Or, best of all, get new posts from this blog sent right to your inbox, Evernote, or read it later list.

IFTTT Recipe: Get all new Narrow Bridge Finance posts by email to learn how to save time, money, and headache.


How Do You IFTTT?

How do you use IFTTT to help you with your finances? Please share your favorite recipes in the comments.

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