Upromise Helps Pay For School

collegeI recently gave in and took the dive into Upromise.  Upromise is a program designed to give you cash back from select purchases (namely restaurants, online stores, and grocery) to fund a 529 college savings account, pay for college loans, or go directly to education expenses.

Anyone can sign up.  An adult can sign up today for their children and may amass quite a 529 by the time their kids turn 18 and head to school.  Through the program students can sign up family and friends to fund their account.  The nice part, and the reason you know it is not a scam, is that there are no fees to sign up and take advantage.  Rather than write a long post on it, I will link to several good posts I have found about Upromise.  Please take a look and comment here if you already participate or sign up because of this post.

You promise also offers coupons for affiliate companies and a credit card to earn rewards faster.

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