Book Review: Rich Like Them

Rich Like Them Cover

I just finished reading Rich Like Them, a book dedicated to searching for the answers of how people get rich. Specifically, the book chronicles the author’s journey across America’s 100 richest zip codes.

The book has a fun premise and is full of good ideas and thoughts on making it big. There are few big surprises in the book. The author writes about his many interactions with America’s elite. The many people discussed in the book each present a different method on making it big. A handful of the stories really jumped out at me, and, due to the diversity of stories in the book, I am sure at least a hand full will speak to you as well.

Stuff I Liked:  I like the overall message of the book.  It is not a get rich quick personal finance book.  It does not tell stories of famous billionaires that are really one of a kind.  It tells the stories of real, hard working people who succeeded by doing what they love and keeping on relentlessly.  When I read some of these stories, I thought, “I could do that!”

Stuff That I Didn’t Like:  This is not a compelling novel with a plot that drives you forward.  Each story is about three to seven pages long.  If you want a story that will keep you driven from page to page and chapter to chapter (the chapters are very long), you might not love this book.

Overall:  I suggest this book for people interested in hearing real life stories about how people ended up in some of the biggest houses in the richest parts of America.  The people in the book are just like you, and you can work hard and succeed like they did.  The book is not full of tips, but overall themes of hard work and humility, to name a few.

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