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The Many Side Hustles of Eric Rosenberg

To pay for my home and the majority of my life, I work a full time day job as a financial analyst at a large local employer. Outside of work, my biggest hobby is making money. That has become a web of hobbies and companies that I use to make quite a bit more on the side.

Blogging and Media

My most successful business adventure started as a hobby with no thought about income. When I began blogging in 2006, I had no idea I could turn it into a successful business, let alone everything else blogging has brought into my life.

I currently make money online through several channels. The primary income streams are advertising at Narrow Bridge Finance, AdSense across several sites, freelance writing for other sites, and WordPress design for other sites. I have also made some money selling my eBook, The Personal Finance Arsenal (now available in hard copy too!)

Blogging has led to other revenue too. The blogs opened up my opportunities for freelance writing and web design. It has also led to planning events at the Financial Blogger Conference. I hope it will lead to paid speaking opportunities and other great adventures.

Denver Flash Mob

Denver Flash Mob is another business that I came into without a long-run business idea in mind, but one came together very quickly.

For the last three years, I have been planning flash mob events around Colorado. I started by planning events just for fun, and began receiving requests for custom flash mobs for corporate events and special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and proposals.

Now that I am moving to Portland, I’m looking to sell Denver Flash Mob to a new owner who will keep fun flash mobs in Denver for a very long time. Once I get to Portland, I plan to get out of the flash mob business after I am done providing support to the new owners in Denver.


Another hobby turned business is my music business. As DJ Yofi, I have played for thousands of people around Denver at a wide variety of events. I started just playing for friends, progressed to playing for free at community non-profit events, and began to make a bit more money as I built a reputation.

I’ve been paid to play at private parties, weddings, and public events. I don’t play enough events to make a huge income, but I always appreciate the extra income when I get a party, and it is always fun!

Denver Underground Parties

This was a business founded with clear intention. Last year, two friends and I started a business planning fun dance parties. We started with a New Years Eve warehouse party, which was a lot of fun and very successful. Our follow up was a Halloween Party that didn’t do as well.

We decided to take our profits and go our separate ways on this one.

The Future

As a serial entrepreneur, I can’t say that I won’t try something new again in the future. However, I’m not going to start anything new in the near future. Instead, I’m going to focus on my new job and Narrow Bridge Finance as my only side project.

I’m going to take what has worked and keep it up while eliminating other big uses of my time. If I do that, Narrow Bridge may be in a better position for growth and success in the long run and I’ll have more time for fun, bike rides, friends, and family.

Your Side Hustle Stories?

How have you made money outside of your primary job? What income streams have worked for you? Please share in the comments.

2 thoughts on “The Many Side Hustles of Eric Rosenberg”

  1. Wow definitely sounds like you have a lot of side hustles! All of my online work is part of my business now, but at one point they were all my side hustles. I am looking into starting some offline side hustles though.

    1. I keep busy, that’s for sure! Things have been going well, and I believe that if I focus a bit more, they will continue to grow and get better.

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