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3 Great Reasons to Use Credit Cards-

3 Great Reasons to Use Credit Cards

Mention the term credit card and depending on who you’re around, you could get quite the range of responses. You have one side that’ll be on the extreme of churning credit cards all the time to earn rewards to those on the other side who swear them off with the belief that they’re a blight … Read more

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Should You Get A Credit Card After Paying off Debt?

I remember making my last debt payment like it was yesterday. It felt like the shackles I had been wearing around my ankles for five years finally fell off. A funny thing happened though as I was done with the journey – I started getting more credit card offers. Crazy I know, but that’s the … Read more

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Travel Hacking on a Budget

I have a confession to make, my wife and I have become somewhat fond of travel hacking. What is travel hacking you ask? Well, it means you purposely choose credit cards that offer nice sign-on bonuses that you can turn into free vacations. It does require some work, but if I can do it then … Read more

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How to Be Smart With New Credit Cards

Getting a new credit card in the mail can be exciting, particularly if you only have a few at home. Opening the envelope and pulling out the new piece of plastic with your name on it and the buying power that comes with it is exciting, but make sure to be responsible when you get … Read more

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