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3 Great Reasons to Use Credit Cards-

3 Great Reasons to Use Credit Cards

Mention the term credit card and depending on who you’re around, you could get quite the range of responses. You have one side that’ll be on the extreme of churning credit cards all the time to earn rewards to those on the other side who swear them off with the belief that they’re a blight … Read more

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What to Do if You Find Yourself in Credit Card Debt

I would imagine that many of us have either dealt with credit card debt, or at least know someone who has. The fact that the average household has more than $15,000 of credit card debt  (of those that have credit card debt) tells me that many are intimately acquainted with such debt. If you have … Read more

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Four Reasons to Shred Those Credit Card Convenience Checks!

It seems that every few weeks, I get a letter in the mail from one of my credit card companies with convenience checks inside. Those checks are a tool that lets you put a cash advance on your credit line, which is bad news for most of us. When I worked in banking, we would get checks like these every day written to max out a credit line deposited into a checking account! I couldn’t believe people would even consider doing that.

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What Do You Waste Money On?

Being someone who likes to be frugal it can be uncomfortable to waste money. You want to streamline your budget and keep it lean and mean. The problem, though, is that if you do not live life and try to enjoy it then you will get bored with it awfully quickly. We all waste money at some level, and if watched is of no issue. How much money is it ok to waste each month? The answer to that question is relative to your specific situation and one that my wife and I found ourselves in a few months ago.

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