Slice Tracks Your Purchases

Slice is a new and useful website that can be used to track your online shopping habits. Like Mint or Adaptu, Slice brings everything you need to know to one place from multiple websites. Like TripIt, Slice can grab your information from your Gmail or Yahoo inbox automatically so you don’t have to remember to update your account.

Why It Is Useful

When I order something online, I want to know where it is and when it will show up at my door. If I am on Amazon, I can go to the Amazon website, click through to my account, enter my password, click on recent orders, find my order, click on the track button, and see where it is.

With Slice, I just click on the shortcut and everything is just there.

The site also tracks your order history from about twenty online retailers. It is helpful for cost tracking and to see where your money is going. When I look through my history, I see orders from Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, Groupon, Dell, Netflix, eBay, Coscto, Barnes & Noble, the US Post Office, Woot, and Those are just the places I have shopped online.

How It Works

First, go to the Slice homepage to sign up for a new account. Give the site permission to access your email account. That’s it. Seriously. That easy.

The site will immediately grab your most recent orders and will take some time to go through your history. If you are like me and never delete an email, you will quickly build up a record of all of your online purchases.

When you visit the site, you can search and filter to find old orders or click on recent orders to see the order and shipping status. Slice even goes to the UPS, FedEx, and USPS (to name a few) websites to import the location tracking information for you.

Like all products I recommend on Narrow Bridge, I have used this product myself. In fact, I just used it today to track a shipment. Slice is free to use so check it out today.

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    1. It is a cool way to track your purchases. I love it so far. I was using PackageTrackr, but Slice blows it out of the water.

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