I Got a Free Kindle And So Can You

Today I am expecting a shiny new Kindle to come in the mail. I ordered it on Monday afternoon, and it cost me a whopping $17 for the ad free version. If I had wanted the version with ads, I could have gotten it for free. Here is how I did it, and you can too.

What is a Kindle?

First off, if you don’t know what a Kindle is, it is the eReader from Amazon. They have multiple versions. The cheapest is a $69 reader that is good for books, newspapers, magazines, and other text based media (even blogs). That version comes with ads on your non-reading screens, including advertisements on the screensaver and at the bottom of some pages. For $89, you get the same thing ad free.

There are higher end versions as well, including one with a keyboard and a tablet version with a color screen that can show movies, TV shows, and browse the web for $200.

How Is It Free?

There was a special deal that lasts one more week where you can get the lowest end version for free or the ad free $109 for $17. Here is how it works.

First, you have to sign up for a new Amazon.com credit card. Read my last section on getting new credit cards before you do this.

When you are approved for a new Amazon card, you get an instant $50 credit in your account.

Next, go to the Kindle shopping page and pick one of the two versions of the lowest end Kindle. That device, and some accessories, and 40% off if you buy it with your Amazon Visa and use the code KINDLE40 when checking out. This offer expires on August 15th, 2012.

For the $79 version, you save 40% up front ($31.60) and get another $50 off from your new Visa. That is $81.60 worth of discounts, so you actually have a little left over. I got the $109 version plus the $20 charger, which was 50% off. That ended up costing me $17 for both.

Cool Things about Kindle

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, which I do, you can check out a whole bunch of books for free from the “Lending Library.” Those include many popular books such as Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and 145,000 more.

You also get free 2 day shipping with Prime and a bunch of free TV shows and movies to stream to either your computer, an Amazon streaming ready device, or a Kindle Fire.

I am excited about the portability and light weight of the low end Kindle. I should have my hands on it by the end of the day.

One Warning Before You Get a New Credit Card

Just like getting free travel, you have to know what you are doing when you sign up for a new credit card. If you are in the market for anything that will require a new loan in the next 12 months, such as a home mortgage or car loan, do not sign up for any new credit cards.

If you have a problem managing your spending when you have open credit, I would avoid a new card. If you can’t pay it off in full every month, I would avoid a new card.

However, if your finances are under control and you can commit to pay it off in full each month and you are not looking for a new loan in the near future, there is no reason not to take advantage of this offer.

12 thoughts on “I Got a Free Kindle And So Can You”

  1. I love little hacks like this, I personally would rather have a different tablet but this is a great deal if you’re looking for a kindle!

  2. Sweet Deal – Thanks Eric. I too love hacks like this as I always seem to make out. Like you said – it must be done prudently so that you don’t loose your shirt.

  3. Nice deal. I just got the Kindle app on my tablet (not the same, but ok), and have fallen in love with e-readers. I’d always considered myself someone who would never turn my back on paper books, but I realized I like reading more than I like physical books. That being said, a smaller Kindle would be nice as it’s easier to carry than my ipad-sized tablet.

    1. How do you like the iPad? I thought about it, but just can’t justify that much money for something I don’t really need.

  4. Eric, how do you not have an affiliate link here? Now I want an Amazon card! If you can get me the link, even an Amazon associates link, I’d happily give you the credit!

    1. They don’t do Amazon associates in Colorado and Chase dropped me for lack of consistent referrals, so I just shared this one for the good of the readers.

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