How I Make More Money in Spare Time

I have taken Ramit Sethi’s thoughts on making an extra $1,000 per month to heart.  I am not there yet, and would like to figure out a better way to keep things balanced, but I have found a fun, income producing hobby that I want to share with you.

Last month, I was accepted as a writer at Demand Studios.  I went through an online application processwhere I was asked for a resume and two writing samples.  I heard back about two days later with an approval e-mail.  Demand Studios is held under the same parent company as popular sites like eHow,, and  The parent company is called Demand Media.

Demand Studios hires people on as freelance writers.  Your earnings are paid by PayPal and are reported to the IRS, so you do have to pay income taxes on the income.  Writers are paid on Wednesday and Friday for articles written before a specific cutoff time.

The earning structure is fairly straight forward.  There are articles with a set rate (most commonly $7.00 or $15.00) and there are articles under a revenue sharing program.  Those articles accumulate earnings over time and pay once they reach $10.00.

I have earned $240.20 so far, with two articles awaiting review (another $30) and $45.00 as my expected next payment.  Click to enlarge the summary below:

So, if you are interested in writing, this is a great opportunity to get paid for it.  I make a heck of a lot more at $15 per 400-500 word article than I do writing on this blog.  It is less rewarding, but a better financial gain.  I have found that writing an article or two while watching TV in an evening is easy and quick.

Have any of you given Demand Studios a try?  Have you had similar experiences?  Let us know in the comments.

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