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Lately I have had the pleasure of getting lots of free stuff. It is pretty cool. While some people might think giveaways are luck, but you can get a lot of free stuff if you know where to look and how to connect.


One resource I have been using to get free stuff is my blog. Through this site, I have received media credentials and giveaways from my blog, but I am not that special.

Anyone can start a focused blog around a topic. If you have an outlet and followers, you can connect with companies that will give you free stuff. One great example of this is my friend Shannyn at Frugal Beautiful. She gets giveaways and handouts from woman-focused companies to try out and write about their products.

As a non-blogger, you can also look around for giveaways that include books, gift cards, and other swag from companies that want your attention and businesses.


I have written plenty of reviews on Yelp, and was recently given the privileges of a Yelp Elite member. Being elite on Yelp takes community involvement and a steady stream of new reviews, which are easy to write and are very helpful to the rest of the community.

In big cities, a Yelp community manager will arrange free opportunities for cool experiences and parties around town. I recently got two tickets to see La Cage Aux Follies at the Denver Center for Performing arts and will be going to a Mad Hatter Tea Party at the Denver Botanical Gardens. All free!


Some of my friends make fun of my constant check ins on Foursquare, but there are some cool perks. I have had free drinks and appetizers, discounted meals, and other cool restaurant hooks ups from checking in on Foursquare.

It is a free app for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. You don’t get free stuff everywhere, but it is fun no matter what and it is a great surprise to check in and get something for free.

Do You Get Free Stuff?

What have you done to get free stuff? What works well? Please share in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Get Free Awesome Stuff”

  1. Kim@Eyesonthedollar

    Since I started entering blog giveaways, I’ve won a book, $10 gift card, and $50 in Paypal money. Pretty sweet! We used to get lots of swag from our frame reps, but not so much in recent years.

  2. I now have to go check out Yelp. Sounds like this is something I need to get involved with, as I love free stuff. (don’t we all) I haven’t given anything away yet on my blog, but hope to do this often in the future.

    1. I once got a free desk on Craigslist three doors down from my house and sold it on Craigslist for $40 the next week. Pretty sweet deal.

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