I'm talking with Tim and Amy Rutherford about how they learned to live on less so they could enjoy life more - and much more!

PPP085: Tim & Amy Rutherford on Spending Less and Living More

Tim and Amy Rutherford left the world of lavish behind and now use their money to live life on their own terms. Learn how this couple went from big bills to big savings, and help others follow in their footsteps of using your money to live the life you want. 

What We’re Chatting About This Week

Welcome to the latest episode! A quick episode on everyone here at Personal Profitability, post-fire: we’re all doing well! Thank you all for your emails and kind words on social media – we appreciate it! In addition, things have calmed down (for the better) on the income front, too. You can check out the latest income reports (all of 2017!) here.

Speaking of big incomes, today’s guests made huge incomes but spent so much, they really didn’t have much to show for it. They soon realized a lot of the things they were spending their money on weren’t what they really cared about or valued. They made huge changes to their lives, and today we talk about that and more!

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This Week’s Guests

In 2006, Tim and Amy met in colorful Colorado. Back then, they were mindless spenders. They tracked every penny they spent and weren’t concerned about the big dollars that were flowing out of their bank account. They thought their spending level was okay because they weren’t in debt (other than their mortgage) and were maxing out their 401ks while adding to our savings and investment accounts at a steady pace. Even so, they spent an average of $115,000 per year for many years. This number doesn’t include income taxes, savings or payments to our mortgage principal. JUST SPENDING! When they started to look into their retirement, they assumed they would spend $120,000 a year.

Tim and Amy had an epiphany in 2014. Spending less meant they didn’t have to work as long. Cutting back made them happier and kept moving up their planned retirement date. By living with less, they were able to say goodbye to their careers in 2015.

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