Catherine Treme on How Your Personality Can Affect Your Money

PPP084: Catherine Treme on How Your Personality Can Affect Your Money

In school, I remember doing Myers-Briggs personality tests. I found myself to be an ENTJ according to the test, or extrovert, intuition, thinking, judging personality type. But little did I connect my ENTJ results with my business acumen and personal finance success. Today’s guest, Catherine Treme, is an expert in connecting your personality type with your financial behaviors. Dive into today’s episode with expert Catherine Treme to learn about your personality type and how use can leverage it to master your money.

What We’re Chatting About This Week

Happy 2018! It’s a busy year for me – I decided to take on another podcast! I recently started a podcast with a good friend, Whitney Hansen, and you can check out the Oh No We Didn’t podcast on iTunes or where ever you listen to podcasts. We have a lot of fun episodes coming up and there’s a lot to talk about!

Today, I’m talking to Catherine Treme about how your personality (remember those old Myers Briggs tests?) can affect your money mindset. On Catherine’s website, she helps you figure out your personality type and how it related to your money habits. Today we’re chatting about personality, money habits, and so much more.

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This Week’s Guest

Catherine Treme is a behavioral finance expert with an emphasis on Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator. You can check out her articles at and her e-course about how to better utilize your money by maximizing your personality type,

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This post was originally published on January 2, 2018 and updated on December 13, 2019.

PPP084: Catherine Treme on How Your Personality Can Affect Your Money
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