In this episode, I'm speaking with Dr. Minette Riordan, an expert in marketing, sales and money mindset. She gives us excellent advice for succeeding as creative entrepreneurs - don't miss it! #personalprofitability #entrepreneur #create

PPP083: Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur with Minette Riordan

Dr. Minette Riordan started her career with a great education, and has since founded multiple businesses. Learn from this serial entrepreneur as we talk about making money as a creative entrepreneur, and mastering your money as more and more dollars flow in the door. All this and more in this week’s episode of the Personal Profitability Podcast.

What We’re Chatting About This Week

We don’t typically have a lot of PhDs on this show, so I’m excited to welcome Dr. Minette Riordan to the show! Dr. Riordan has a fascinating background, which we’ll get into, and she’s pivoted into different businesses as well. She’s been extraordinarily successful and currently runs a podcast with her husband – which I was on recently!

In this episode, we’re talking entrepreneurship, being a creative entrepreneur and mastering your money. If you’re looking for inspirational advice on getting your life and career on track (and who doesn’t?) check out this interview with Dr. Minette Riordan.

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This Week’s Guest

Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author of The Artful Marketer, Dr. Minette Riordan is an expert in marketing, sales and money mindset. She is passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs to make great money doing the work they love, without burning out.

During the 11 years she owned her first business, she struggled to make a profit even though she was grossing hundreds of thousands of dollars. She felt like she was working too hard with too little to show for it. She was exhausted, with little or no energy left for her husband and young children.

Everything changed hen she finally discovered the secrets to building a profitable business. She was able to turn her failing business around and eventually to sell it. She is passionate about sharing these secrets with other creative business owners. Minette has now taught her step-by-step creative business planning system to hundreds of creative entrepreneurs who are changing the world through successful entrepreneurship. Learn more at

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