PPP079: Andrea Klunder

Today we welcome guest Andrea Klunder, who I met at Podcast Movement in Anaheim earlier this year. She’s also a podcaster and entrepreneur at The Creative Imposter. Join us as we learn from this serial entrepreneur in this week’s episode.

What We’re Chatting About This Week

Today’s podcast interview came about in a pretty interesting way. You know how when you go to conferences, sometimes speakers will do an “ice breaker” like “introduce yourself to your neighbor!” Well, that happened to me, and I happened to be sitting next to Andrea!

You never know who you’re going to meet out there or how they’re going to influence your life, and today we’re chatting with Andrea Klunder – who I never would have met if I just stayed inside my comfort zone. Fun fact: a week ago was Andrea’s birthday. Would you join me in wishing her a happy birthday on Twitter? The link to tweet her is below!

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This Week’s Sponsor

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This Week’s Guest

Andrea is the producer and host of The Creative Impostor, a podcast about how to take bold action in your life and work, despite the little voice in your head that says, “Who do you think you are? You can’t do THAT!”

In 2017, she launched Season 1 of Power Your Story, a podcast made for students by students at a high school for students with diverse learning challenges in Chicago. And she created Podcast Envy and The Creative Impostor Studios to to help other creative visionaries use the power of podcasting as a tool for connection, storytelling and being seen via your authentic voice.

Andrea is also a meditation and yoga teacher for children and grown-ups who want a playful experience of peaceful practices to live and work more creatively and authentically.

For a free audio gift from Andrea, visit thecreativeimpostor.com/magic.

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