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Ask Eric – And Free Book Giveaway!

Hi Friends, I want to introduce you to a new feature for questions here at Personal Profitability. I am getting ready to launch a brand new podcast and big re-design for the site in the coming weeks, and I’m super excited about how things are coming along.

Ask Eric Your Money Questions

With the new podcast, I am opening up a new way for you to ask me your biggest and best personal finance questions. Whether you want to know about saving for an emergency fund, what is the difference between a 30 year fixed and a 5/1 ARM, or how to deal with a specific situation just for you, I am welcoming audio questions from you in addition to the email questions I’ve been answering since this site opened its virtual doors in 2006.

To kick off the questions, I am doing a GIVEAWAY! That’s right. Free stuff for you, and all you have to do to be eligible is submit a question which you can record from the little microphone built into your laptop or through your smart phone.

What will you get from submitting a question? I’m glad you asked! In addition to a great recorded answer from me in an upcoming podcast episode, I’m giving away 5, yes – five, copies of Chris Guillebeau’s new book The Happiness of Pursuit. I am a huge fan of Chris’s blog and books, and have read them all. In this book, Chris discusses finding a quest to help bring excitement and meaning to your life. His quest, visiting every single country in the world, brought him amazing stories and experiences, and he completed his quest in April, 2013 when he reached his 193rd country.

In a few weeks, I’ll pick my five favorite questions and contact the winners to ship out the books at my expense. It won’t cost you a cent to enter, and will take less than 90 seconds of your time to ask a question! How great is that?

And, if it sounds great to you, be sure to check out The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life for yourself.

9 thoughts on “Ask Eric – And Free Book Giveaway!”

  1. Hello Eric
    i have a question to you I was reading a presentation of (( Brookfield Asset Management)) and I found this term ((fee bearing capital)) can you tell me what it mean on finance please
    thank you so much my friend bye bye

        1. I did some research on this specific company and the way they describe it is not very clear. From what I can tell, it looks like they are referring to some sort of loan or bond investments where they are receiving interest payments. Overall, this company seems to have performed well in the past, but is not very forthcoming or clear about much of their strategy.

  2. Hi Eric, Love the podcast. I’m interested in your take on student loan IBR/ICR plans and all the offers for consolidation for lower interest rates from their parties out there. My loans have a 6.5 percent interest and I know if I consolidates, I would get 2-3 percent interest rate. Yet, would that mean that I would have to make monthly payments and not be eligible for ICR or IBR plans if I did that? Help! I’m trying to get control of my student loan debt using your tips.

    1. Hi Jade, for this situation it really comes back to your income and expenses. Financially it is much better to lower your interest rate. If you are able to do that and afford the full monthly payment, it is your best bet.

      However, if you are worried about being able to make the monthly payments, I wouldn’t rush to give up your loans with an income based repayment plan in place. Not all lenders will offer that, and you don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot by moving to a lower interest plan but not able to make the payments.

      You are better off paying a bit more in interest than missing a payment if that is a worry. If not, I would definitely consolidate to save the interest.

  3. Eric,

    I read a blog about CPRES. Seems is a scam.

    Is this a real designation and how would one go about obtaining it.


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