Master Your Social Media with Stefanie LaHart-

PPP073: Master Your Social Media with Stefanie LaHart

Stefanie LaHart leveraged her expertise in social media to build a new hustle. As the founder of Boomtown Marketing, Stefanie gives clients personal service to help with all sides of digital marketing. She has worked with over 150 clients on 250+ projects. Get expert advice on branding and growing your hustle, business, or personal brand online in this week’s episode.

What We’re Chatting About This Week

This week’s episode is all about online marketing. Whether you are just looking to manage your personal presence online or build a business, the internet, your website, and social media are a big part of it. Stefanie LaHart, this week’s expert, works as an online marketer for hire.

This is the second of two episodes recorded live on the expo hall floor at Podcast Movement. I had a blast on my second visit to the conference. Next year it takes place in Philadelphia and I’m looking forward to my first proper visit to the city.

Stefanie started her career as a web designer in the 1990s and built a robust career. She noticed that companies were able to build their own websites fairly easily (check out my post on starting your first website in five minutes) on their own. Though there was plenty of work to go around, she noticed a big question kept coming up again and again. Companies know how to build websites, but did not know how to get people to go to their websites. A new hustle was born!

Stefanie spotted a need for entrepreneurs and startups to reach out to customers and potential customers online and started offering it as a service. She quickly built a business as a social media expert. As she points out in our discussion, social media tools and strategies change quickly, and might even look different from one month to the next.

Everyone has unique needs for their online marketing needs. Some brands are better suited to evening and weekend targeting, while others do best during regular business hours. Some would do better with Twitter, some with Facebook, some with YouTube, etc. Figuring that out can be tough, but getting very targeted with your audience can lead to much better results.

Don’t treat social media like a checkbox, treat it like an ongoing task. You can’t just setup your social media and forget about it if you want results. You have to foster engaged communities and get them excited about your brand.

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This Week’s Guest

Stefanie LaHart is a social media marketing expert in Los Angeles, California. She runs Boomtown Marketing

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PPP073: Master Your Social Media with Stefanie LaHart
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